24-year-old charged in December GameStop robbery


by Chris Patterson

Waukesha -- Billy Hodges, 24, is charged with armed robbery with threat of force for robbing the GameStop store on Sunset Dr. on December 21st.

According to the criminal complaint, Hodges waited until all employees left the store before entering the store. Hodges told police he was wearing a mask with eye holes armed with a BB gun that resembles semi-automatic pistol. Hodges got away with $144 that day.

Hodges was spotted by police hanging out in front of the George Webb on Delafield St. on December 31st. Waukesha police noticed Hodges wearing the same clothes the GameStop robber wore on December 21st.

Once police took Hodges into custody, he confessed to the GameStop robbery. He also told police he was working up the courage to rob the George Webb they found him standing in front of. Hodges is also being charged with attempted armed robbery with threat of force.

If convicted on all charges, Hodges faces 60 years in prison, and $150,000 in fines.


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