18-year-old man accused of stealing I-Phones from multiple women

Jacque Wilson/CNN

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by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- 18-year-old Keith Smith is charged with five counts of theft after allegedly stealing I-Phones out of the hands of five different women in Milwaukee. Court documents say Smith and his friends would coordinate their efforts to steal I-Phones from unsuspecting women.

According to the criminal complaint, a woman reported a man stealing her phone near E. St. Paul and Jefferson St. She says the man, who was later identified as Smith, approached her from behind and knocked her phone to the ground. Smith allegedly picked up the phone and fled on foot. The victim told police Smith was accompanied by another male who was riding a bicycle.

The criminal complaint says Smith admitted to participating in a July 19th robbery where he and two friends launched a coordinated robbery on a woman walking with her phone. All three men were on bicycles when they passed the victim. Two men passed her on the rights, and Smith passed her on the right. Smith grabbed the phone right from her hands as she was on the phone.

Smith also admitted to three other thefts caught on video by area surveillance cameras. During one robbery, a woman's cell phone was taken as she was standing in front of the Hilton Hotel in downtown Milwaukee.

Police say Smith admitted to selling stolen phones on Craigslist. He also told police he steals the phones, because he needs the money to feed his family.


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