Apple Shortage


by WDJT Editor

With the arrival of fall, many families are ready to particpate in the tradition of picking apples. However, this year something is missing - apples. That's thanks to extreme weather earlier this year.

Apple Holler in Sturtevant lost 75% of its apple crop after a series of frosts this spring, and the drought this summer. "We are much more fortunate than a lot of other growers who didn't open up at all or if they did, they are already closed," says Apple Holler Owner, Dave Flannery.

Customers who came to pick apples from trees had better luck finding the fruit in bins. The owner says he had to buy apples from other orchards to meet the demand.

"We love to come apple picking. We do it every year. I was kind of surprised to come out here and find there were no apples," says customer, James Incledon.

CBS 58's Elizabeth Fay has the full story.


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