15-year-old Brewers fan gets a big hug from Carlos Gomez


by John Cuoco

FORT ATKINSON- There were hugs and tears for one Brewers fan on Sunday, starstruck while meeting outfielder Carlos Gomez.

The clip of 15-year-old Jordan Hynum was posted online by Major League Baseball after she got a hug from Gomez before the Brewers-Cubs game, then broke down into tears of joy.

She was at the game with her family celebrating Carlos Gomez bobble head day.

Hynum said she's been a huge Gomez fan ever since he's been with the team.

She said she's met him a number of other times and she cried then as well.

On Monday, Hynum said she was a big hit at her Fort Atkinson high school with other students and teachers that saw her on TV and online.



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