128th military flight crew back in Milwaukee after plane trouble


by Tiffany Tarpley

MILWAUKEE--Three members of a military flight crew are back in Milwaukee after a plane malfunction forced them to divert to a base in Indiana.

The crew from Wisconsin's 128th Air Refueling Wing safely landed their KC-135 at Grissom Air force Base Tuesday around 5:30pm. According to officials with the National Guard, the right side hydraulic system failed while they were performing a training mission just north of Green Bay.  Flaps that provide extra lift  had to be extended manually and that in turn increases the landing speed of the plane.  They used the runway in Indiana because it's longer than the one at General Mitchell Airport.

128th Air Refueling Wing Commander, Col. Ted Metzgar said crews train for this and similar trouble.  There have been three in-flight emergencies involving the KC-135s within a 30 day time span but all of the issues are unrelated.

"With this particular system failure I don't know yet what happened," said Metzgar.  "There could be a human factor, somebody installed something wrong or just a simple material failure I will know more tomorrow."

A maintenance crew from the 128th flew to Indiana Wednesday to inspect and repair the plane. 


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