10 year old girl jumps from window to escape fire

Aunt credits the fire department's "Survive Alive" house


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE-A ten year old Milwaukee girl jumped from a second floor window to escape a fire Tuesday afternoon.

Her aunt tells CBS 58 News that the girl's hair line was burned and she also had burns to the back of her head but is, otherwise, okay.

"Thank God  for the Survive Alive House it came in handy," Samantha Genette tells CBS 58, "Because she knew to stop, drop and roll and hop out the window."

The "Survive Alive" house is a long time program run by the Milwaukee Fire Department that educates MPS students on how to escape fire by re-enacting one in a controlled structure.

Investigators spent alot of time at Tuesday's fire scene near 5th and Grant talking with the one adult man who was home, but according to family, outside with two other young girls when the fire broke out.

The ten year old, again according to family, was upstairs asleep after coming home sick from school.

So far no word on a cause for the blaze.


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