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MPA to hold no confidence vote on Chief Flynn

The vote will take place next Thursday. Read More »

Federal program helps former inmates find employment

Milwaukee - Alysia Mullen, a resident in the City of Milwaukee served time in prison, but she turned her life around. "I made some bad decisions. I was in there for forgery. I had drug... Read More »

New York Doctor tests positive for Ebola

Dr. Craig Spencer was treating Ebola patients in Guinea, a country in West Africa. He was working with the group "Doctors Without Borders." Read More »

What happens to your ballot after early voting?

By Halloween, election officials in the city of Milwaukee expect as many as 30,000 people to have voted early. So what happens to those ballots between now and Election Day? Read More »

Trick-Or-Treat Schedule

Trick or Treat times for Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington and Waukesha county. Read More » linked to Racine human trafficking case

 RACINE- Police in Racine said that a man was arrested on Wednesday for human trafficking and false imprisonment. According to police reports, Kristopher Mitchell brought a 19-year-old woman... Read More »

New businesses in Washington Heights neighborhood

New businesses are now breathing new life into one Milwaukee neighborhood. Read More »

Candidate running for Treasurer to get rid of it

The State Treasurer is one of six statewide offices; it’s also the one with the least responsibility. That’s because over the last few years, it’s been stripped down and duties have been shifted to other offices and state agencies. Read More »

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Should employers be able to ask applicants for social media log in information?

  • Yes
  • No