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"I love my wife, but she tried to kill me:" Racine Woman Facing Multiple Charges After Stabbing Husband

RACINE COUNTY - Maria Chamblis, 50-years-old, of Racine is facing charges of Mayhem, 1st-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety and Substantial Battery-Intending Bodily Harm following an incident that happened Friday, March 24th.

According to the criminal complaint, officers with the Racine Police Department responded to a home in the 1500 block of South Memorial Drive in regards to an assault report.

Upon arrival, officers found Chamblis and her fiance, the victim, sitting on a bed surrounded by what appeared to be blood on numerous items and in several locations within the room.

According to the complaint, Chamblis stated that she was lying in bed when the victim confronted her about a photo of an unknown naked male he discovered in her phone. Chamblis allegedly told the witness that she was not having an affair at which time the victim allegedly struck her in the face with a wooden stool. The suspect stated that she then grabbed a belt and restrained the victim on the bed until he "settled down." 

Chamblis did not believe that the victim was injured during the altercation but he was transported to a local hospital for apparent stab wounds to his right eye and left chest area. According to the criminal complaint, the suspect stated that she would admit it had she stabbed the victim because she stabbed a person to death in Illinois, served five years for it and that she knew about stabbing and self-defense.

Officers responded to the local hospital to talk to the witness who stated that he became angry with Chamblis and that she started "swinging knives" at him. The victim stated that he felt pain and lost vision in his right eye. The victim didn't see Chamblis stab him but was sure it was her. According to the complaint, the victim stated "I know my wife stabbed me. She keeps knives all over the place!"

The victim also stated that he and Chamblis "always have disputes" and that he may have struck her with a stool "a few days ago."

According to the complaint, the victim also stated, "I love my wife, but she tried to kill me. She killed a man in Chicago; she did four years for it. I don't like being abused by women. I get beat up all the time by Chamblis."

Chamblis will have her preliminary hearing on April 5th. 

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