Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gun Control Debate

VIDEO: The complete one-hour Gun Control Debate Special
Watch the entire town hall meeting on gun control moderated by CBS 58's Michele McCormack and Mike Strehlow!

The Face of Concealed Carry at Odds With Local Pistol Instructors
Nazir Al-Mujaahid is considered by many to be the face of concealed carry in Wisconsin.

Police Chief Says National Gun Debate is Distraction for Milwaukee
Chief Ed Flynn on the 3 things that could reduce gun violence now.

A Mother's Story
Defensive Shooting: A Local Instructor's Perspective
In the latest segment in our Gun Control Debate series we explore defensive shooting.

A Promise to Protect
Mary has been training with firearms for years and she's very good shot according to her instructor.

Hunters Find Common Ground With Gun Control Advocates
Random local sampling finds support for more background checks.

Public health approach to gun violence
Latest in a series of special reports on the gun control debate

Armed Guards in Schools
About a third of schools in the United States have armed guards. But after the Connecticut school shooting there is a new debate about whether more are needed.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke addresses gun control
The gun control debate has not only been a hot issue in Washington D.C., but locally as well.