Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Face of Concealed Carry at Odds With Local Pistol Instructors
by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE---Nazir Al-Mujaahid is considered by many to be the face of concealed carry in Wisconsin.

He was the first person to test the law, using his gun to wound an armed robbery suspect who had a shotgun to the head of a clerk at an Aldi's grocery store.

Concealed carry became legal in Wisconsin in November of 2011. The State Department of Justice says it has issued 154,741 permits.

Several local pistol instructors tell CBS 58 that they would like to see more training required than the minimum gun safety course.

"We have to accept personal responsibility," Jacob Schneider of the MGS Firearm Training Group tells CBS 58 News, " And I do believe that with possessing a firearm for personal protection one should be trained in how to operate the firearm and how to be safe with it."

"I would like to see more training," Ben Giese of  The Shooters Shop, Inc. adds, " I love doing it. I love training people I love getting trained myself."

But Nazir Al-Mujaahid argues that no amount of training prevented the wounding of several civilians in New York this past August,  as police pursued an armed suspect. He say that any increase in training requirements for concealed carry would put a financial burden on people who may least be able to afford it, but need the protection the most.

"As much training as they had," training does not provide an absolute solution," Nazir says, "But to hinder someone the ability to protect their life is more important than talking about what training may or may not be required in my opinion."