Defensive Shooting: A Local Instructor's Perspective


by Michele McCormack

WASHINGTON COUNTY -- They shoot at multiple targets, on the move and even in the dark.

It may sound cliche but certified pistol instructor Gary Poindexter says don't try this at home. This is advanced training in defensive shooting.

It goes far beyond the basic firearm safety course required for a concealed carry permit in Wisconsin.

Poindexter says if somebody comes to him saying they want a permit with the minimum requirement he tells them to go somewhere else.

"My minimum is ten hours training," Poindexter tells CBS 58 anchor Michele McCormack, " then I recommend they come do training like this."

Poindexter argues that shooting at a typical range where you're standing still and shooting at a stationary target is not like real life at all.

For one of his students, Mary, she's already come to terms with the fact that while neutralizing the threat is the goal, it could mean taking a life.

"You've already thought about that," Mary explains, " You've made a decision. You know there's going to be emotional, legal and financial aftermath way before this incident ever occurs. I've thought through that."

The emphasis is on accuracy and round management. But nervousness and adrenaline can impact a shooter's accuracy.

"That's why I don't support a limit on magazine rounds," Mary says.


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