A Promise to Protect


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE---Mary always thought once she retired she would train to be a volunteer EMT. Instead, the conceal carry permit holder is training to take down a mass shooter should she ever encounter one.

Mary knows she could die and she says she's willing to do that to protect members of the public.

Mary has been training with firearms for years and she's very good shot according to her instructor.

She also has very fast and accurate hand eye coordination and shoots and trains on a weekly basis.

What cause the switch from carrying a firearm for personal protection to take a shot of a mass shooter was the Colorado move theater massacre.

"At that point my goals changed," Mary explained to CBS 58 Anchor Michele McCormack, " I wanted to be able to defend myself. And defend myself well. But I also wanted to defend others if necessary. If i happen to have a clear shot, If I happen to be in that position in the three minutes it takes for law enforcement comes."

Mary trains on a weekly basis in quick draw and reload, using barricades for cover and assessing a clear shot.

Mary's not looking for trouble. She's not advocating for others to follow.

This is her personal choice made with the highest regard for the public.

"If I have a clear shot," Mary explains, "I will take it. To me it's just an extension of the golden rule. I have the kind of skills that 99% of the population doesn't have."


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