Top Gun Control Debate Story

VIDEO: The complete one-hour Gun Control Debate Special

Watch the entire town hall meeting on gun control moderated by CBS 58's Michele McCormack and Mike Strehlow! Read more »

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The Face of Concealed Carry at Odds With Local Pistol Instructors

Nazir Al-Mujaahid is considered by many to be the face of concealed carry in Wisconsin. Read More »

Police Chief Says National Gun Debate is Distraction for Milwaukee

Chief Ed Flynn on the 3 things that could reduce gun violence now. Read More »

A Mother's Story

Wauwatosa--Our week-long look at the gun control debate continued Thursday with the story of a soft spoken mother who has a powerful message about gun violence. "The trajectory of a bullet... Read More »

Defensive Shooting: A Local Instructor's Perspective

In the latest segment in our Gun Control Debate series we explore defensive shooting. Read More »

A Promise to Protect

Mary has been training with firearms for years and she's very good shot according to her instructor. Read More »

Hunters Find Common Ground With Gun Control Advocates

Random local sampling finds support for more background checks. Read More »

Public health approach to gun violence

Latest in a series of special reports on the gun control debate Read More »

Armed Guards in Schools

About a third of schools in the United States have armed guards. But after the Connecticut school shooting there is a new debate about whether more are needed. Read More »

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke addresses gun control

The gun control debate has not only been a hot issue in Washington D.C., but locally as well. Read More »

Gun Advocates Question Effectiveness of Proposed Assault Weapons Ban

Gun advocates argue that changes are cosmetic not mechanical Read More »


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