Friday, October 24, 2014

MMG ZenZen Yoga Arts Studio
by Stephanie Brown

MILWAUKEE-- ZenZen Yoga Arts Studio offers traditional practices of yoga, but it's aerial yoga that sets this studio apart from any other in Milwaukee.

A nylon hammock is suspended from the ceiling.  It can be lowered to individual levels of comfort and ability.

Believe it or not, ZenZen's Artistic Director Therese Bailey reassures clients the fabric is designed and affixed to the ceiling to hold nearly one thousand pounds.

Aerialist, say they're more flexible and stronger after an aerial yoga session.  Many added back pain subsides considerably after a few sessions.

For those who maybe slightly intimidated at the thought of hanging, swinging and contorting in mid-air ZenZen offers BFF Friday.

That's basically two for the price of one.

Bailey, says aerial yoga is for all levels, ages, and skill.

For more information on Aerial Yoga go to or call 414-973-YOGA.