Bar says employee won't pursue Gooding Jr. charges


by Laura Matovina

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Managers at a New Orleans restaurant say their bartender who claimed actor Cuba Gooding Jr. pushed her doesn't plan to pursue criminal charges against him.

A statement Wednesday to The Associated Press from the Old Absinthe House says the restaurant will continue to investigate.

On Tuesday, police issued an arrest warrant on a misdemeanor charge of municipal battery for Gooding. Police say the bartender told them that Gooding became upset after patrons asked him to pose for photos with them at about 3 a.m.

The bartender told investigators that Gooding pushed her after she asked him to calm down.

Gooding left before police arrived to the century-old French Quarter bar.

Gooding was issued a court summons and city attorneys had no comment on the charges. Gooding is in New Orleans filming a movie.


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