CBS 58 Morning News On The Go


by Dustin Vrab

The United States government reopens today.  President Obama has signed the agreement approved in Congress yesterday that ends the 16 day shutdown and raises the federal debt ceiling.  The President will talk about the budget deal at a 9:30am news conference, which will be carried live on CBS 58.

Students are returning to class at Nicolet High School in Glendale this morning.  They were sent home because of a bomb threat Wednesday.  A note and two suspicious packages were found at the school but no bomb was found.

Students at Riverside High School will wear prison style orange as they line up for class today.  They will hold a protest against the presence of metal dectectors for security in their halls.

A Milwaukee company, Garden Fresh Foods, just announced it is recalling almost seven thousand pounds of ready-to-eat chicken and ham products becasue of possible listeria contamination.  The products were being sold unde the Garden Fresh brand name.


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