UPDATE: Milwaukee police identify Stradivarius robbery suspects


by John Cuoco
by Lila Carrera

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police have announced the names of the people they believe stole a 300-year-old Stradivarius violin worth six million dollars. Police have also confirmed the recovery of the rare violin.

36-year-old Universal Allah, 41-year-old Salah Jones and an unnamed female were arrested by Milwaukee police on February 3rd. The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office plans to have charges filed and a criminal complaint issued by February 7th.

Police believe the trio robbed Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster Frank Almond of the Stradivarius violin after a concert at Wisconsin Lutheran College on January 27th around 10:20 p.m. Police say Almond was approached by two of the suspects in a parking lot and tased. Almond dropped the violin, and the suspects stole the expensive violin. The victim reported to police the suspects were a man and a woman.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn says his department contacted taser vendors, and were able to use information obtained to find one of the suspects.

Police executed a five search warrants in search of the violin without finding anything. Universal Allah told investigators the violin was hidden in a house on E. Smith St. Police found the violin hidden inside a suitcase located in the house's attic. Allah told police the owner of the home had no idea the violin was in his that house.




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