No money for Alderman Donovan's plan to put more police on streets


by Tom Durian

MILWAUKEE -- District 8 Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan thinks there needs to be a greater police presence in the city.

Donovan insists that his district has seen its share of crime, and on the heels of a violent and deadly week in Milwaukee, more police are needed before the dog days of summer.

He proposed using $620,000 in the city's coffers for police overtime, and to hire 20 additional police recruits.

That proposal went before the common council's public safety committee today where it was shot down.

The plan, say fellow aldermen is a good idea, but not when there's little money to follow through with it.

13th District Milwaukee Alderman Terry Witkowski says expecting money from the state is not a consideration since budget cut-backs. And rasing taxes or tapping into lesser funded departments is not a good idea either.




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