Woman sentenced for 9th O.W.I


by Laura Rodriguez

MILWAUKEE---Evelynn Brown, 29, has already been to jail twice for drunk driving. Her most recent offense was in July when she was seen by another driver veering across four lanes of traffic on US-41.

Brown also side swiped a car and struck a curb, while her 11-month-old baby was in the car.

"She's battling a monstrous addiction issue," said defense attorney Brian Kinstler.

Brown says she turned her life around after her last offense, but relapsed.

"I was disconnected and I slipped back, I need to learn," said a teary-eyed Evelynn Brown.

Brown's defense attorney says this could have been prevented if she would have been tested for alchohol daily.

"She was only tested once a month, but she was always able to make sure she was sober for that test," said Kinstler.

Judge David Hansher didn't seem to agree with the daily testing suggestion.

"Do you think the probation's department has the funds to do that, are we going to open the probation department on Saturday and Sunday too to test her?" said Judge Hansher.

The judge was also upset with what he called an epidemic of drunk drivers in the state.

"There is nothing illegal about drinking yourself to death or drinking yourself at home, you just can't drink and drive, enough is enough."

As Brown heard her 10-year sentence, she turned around to look at her mother in tears.

Outside the courtroom, her mother was emotional. She thought the judge would be more lenient, but admits she did everything she could to help her daughter.

"We've been doing everything we possibly could to help her, but I don't know, she just has to learn. I just hope to be there for her and that she can be strong," said her mother, Patricia Wilber.

Brown's in-laws currently have custody of her daughter.


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