Witness describes scary scene in Wauwatosa neighborhood


by Jennifer Tomazic

WAUWATOSA -- Dave Niles' daughter called him to come home from work when she says police knocked on the door of their 119th Street home to tell her to stay inside because of a tactical situation.

This happened Thursday morning around 9 a.m. after Wauwatosa fire fighters say they came under attack while trying to put out a fire at 1430 119th Street.

They tell CBS 58 they are certain someone fired shots at them once they arrived on the scene to put out the flames. That's when they backed off and told the immediate neighbors to go into their basements and not to come out the front door.

Niles lives down the street and was already at work when the fire broke out. He says his daughter called him to come home because she was scared.

When he got home, Niles says he saw flames 30 to 40 feet high coming from his neighbors home. He says he and his daughter went into the basement and tried calling relatives to let them know they were safe.

Niles says a mother and son lived in the home that caught fire and he says he thinks one of them worked and odd shift because he wouldn't see them around very much.

He the situation Thursday morning was sad and he was worried for police as they had to use shields and guns to guard firefighters as they tried to put the fire out. Niles says the neighborhood is usually quite and this situation was very unusual.

Niles' interview with CBS 58 is attached.

Just before noon, Niles called the CBS 58 Newsroom to say he saw firefighters


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