Shopping small: steady business over holiday weekend


by Laura Rodriguez

It may be easier to sit at home and click away, but some still see the value in doing it the old fashioned way.

"Today we are offering 40% off in-store and over the phone," said Claiborne Green, co-owner of Luci Boutique.

To get that forty percent off, you can either place your order over the phone if you saw something you liked on the store's Facebook page or you can avoid all the Black Friday chaos and shop in-store on Cyber Monday.

"I like to see the stuff in person, and a lot of the stuff at a small boutique like this isn't found online," said Theresa Rex, a loyal customer at Luci Boutique.

Although some local stores had deals today, small businesses were the focus on Saturday. It was all part of a nation-wide effort to shop small.

"This year we had an increase of people saying you know, I've always wanted to come here, but I never did," said Kotti Anderson, co-owner of Fred Boutique.

Small Business Saturday sales are still well behind the popular Black Friday sales, but some business owners say it's not all about the money.

"It's really about finding new customers, building new relationships," said Anderson.

"The excitement is the new customer that walked in on Saturday afternoon," said Green.

Whether you pick up the phone, skim through the racks, or surf the web, local business owners have the same message.

"Support your local business because they are the ones living in your community, paying taxes in your community, and we provide jobs in the community," said Anderson.

CBS58's Laura Rodriguez called and visited several local stores and most said they had better sales on Black Friday instead of Saturday.


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