Mega Millions jackpot reaches record high


by Laura Rodriguez

Out of seven different lottery games and hundreds of scratch-offs, there is one game everyone is taking their chances on- Mega Millions.

"It is life changing and now I can have a future that I can see, and make changes that I've always wanted to," said Christy Stanzack, a previous Lotto winner.

Stanzack won $1 million last month, but could a Wisconsinite win the more than $500 million dollar prize this month?

"God I hope so, I hope so, I think we all do," said Sandy Froehlich.

"Half a billion dollars, it's kinda hard to pass up," said Eric Cleveland.

Judging by the amount of customers at a Pick 'N Save in Greenfield, a Wisconsinite could very well be the lucky winner.

"It's gunna be very very busy, it'll be very busy tonight and I'm thinking that tomorrow it's gunna be even busier," said Cheryl Grubb, an employee at Pick 'N Save.

Over at an Andy's gas station, they've also seen an increase in customers.

"Usually it's busy when it's a lottery day, like Friday, but this week it started yesterday," Amitpal Singh, cashier.

"People are doing random draw tickets that have never done it before. The ones that have done it before are the ones that are filling out those tickets because they are a little more superstitious in hopes of winning," said Jessica Lauren, manager at Pick 'N Save.

Whether a regular, or not so regular, everyone that plays hopes to win that jackpot.

"Hey I'm going to church regularly lately, maybe that will help," said Pat Burns.

If you think you've got the lucky ticket, then make sure you take a look at the Wisconsin Lotto winner's guide. The guide says to make sure you photo copy your ticket, and of course, don't lose it. Losing a ticket is like losing cash.


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