Online back-to-school registries a growing trend


by Laura Rodriguez

Back-to-school usually means back down the aisles, and it can also mean an empty wallet.

"They're asking for more and more supplies," said local parent, Nickole Flynn.

"It just seems like wherever you go it's like $4 for this notebook," said local parent, Lydia Rous.

The president of told us via Skype that a new growing trend will save you time and money.

"We are seeing thousands of people sign up and registering for back-to-school supplies and things they need for college this year," said Nancy Lee, President of is one of many websites that allows students and parents to make wish-lists. It works just like a wedding registry, but instead you can pile up that cyber cart with school supplies.

"It's really easy for grandma or aunt and uncle to use this registry and not have to scratch their head and say gee you know what can I do that could help," said Lee.

After creating an account, all you have to do is drag a link to your browser toolbar. Then, you search for the items you need on any store website and add it to your cart.

"You can choose items from any store in the world and put it on a gift registry with us," said Lee.

And if you haven't warmed up to online shopping because you love going to the store, there's an app for that. All you have to do is download the application, open it's on your smartphone, take a picture of the bar code at the store, and it'll automatically add to your registry.

Schools can also benefit from this online registry. A quick search showed a couple of local schools with their own wish-lists.

"People are more apt to buy something for a charitable organization or a school if they know where the money is going,' said Lee.


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