Minor earthquake hits near Wisconsin border


by Laura Rodriguez

This 2.4 magnitude earthquake was minor but it was just enough to get a dog's animal instincts to kick in.

"He was pretty upset for a good five minutes before he just relaxed and got back to normal, but he was adamant that something was different," said pet owner Katie Mathia.

Hunter is a very active 11-year-old dog. Mathia says he wouldn't leave her side and thinks that every pet owner should trust their pet.

"Take note of changes in behavior because it could mean something could be happening," said Mathia.

According to the U.S. Geoloigcal Survey, the quake's epicenter was about 2 miles east of McHenry, IL and hit just before 10pm.

"What was particularly unusual about this event though was that it wasn't located along any of the known major mapped faults in this region," said Keith Sverdrup, Professor of Geophysics at UWM.

East of Twin Lakes in Kenosha, Sheriff David Beth says they did not receive any phone calls or damage reports.

"In this case we've had nothing, most of us found out we had an earthquake in Kenosha County by listening to the radio or watching the news. I guess that's a good thing," said Beth.

Earthquakes are rare in Wisconsin and although the state has felt the effects of other earthquakes, the last one to have an epicenter in Wisconsin was back in 1947.


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