Mayoral candidate McDonald pledges commitment


by Laura Rodriguez

Mayoral candidate Edward Mcdonald signed a pledge today to make a 100% commitment to the City of Milwaukee if he is elected mayor.

Part of his pledge included a community driven plan called "Build Milwaukee" which aims to bring new direction to strengthen the socioeconomic foundation of the city.

"The mayor's office cannot be used as a safety net to campaign for higher office," said McDonald.

In the event of a recall, Mayor Tom Barrett has not said if he would run for governor, but he has spoken out about his commitment to the city.

"I think people know me, they know I'm committed to this city, that I love this city, that my heart and soul are in this city," said Barrett.

CBS58 sat down with a professor of government who says it's up to the voter to decide.

"It's certainly understandable that the person running against the mayor would raise it, but it's also understandable that some voters while they might agree with criticism might say- no it's not such a big deal," said Mordecai Lee, Professor of Governmental Affairs at UWM.

In Wisconsin an elected official cannot run for two offices at the same time, but Lee says this will not be an issue in this case.

"It's for sure that if there is a recall election against Governor Walker and if Mayor Barrett wants to run, that that election will be held long after the April election," said Lee.


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