Husband of fetal abduction victim reacts before trial


by Laura Rodriguez

MILWAUKEE --- Christian Mercado says he is counting the days for justice to be served.

"Its taken way too long," said Meracdo, the victim's husband. "The confession that [Annette Morales Rodriguez] made to the detective should be more than enough evidence."

After more than eight court appearances and five different lawyers, the defendant, Annette Morales Rodriguez, dropped her insanity plea and changed it to not guilty.

"I knew that from the beginning she was only faking that she was crazy," said Mercado.

"Of course she is guilty, how can she not be guilty,"said Carlos Mercado, the victim's father-in-law. "She killed my daughter-in-law and my grandson."

It all began the morning of October 6 along Chase Avenue, when according to the criminal complaint, Annette Morales Rodriguez went out looking for a pregnant woman. She found Maritza Ramirez Cruz and offered her a ride.

"I don't believe the story she said about my wife getting into her car voluntarily," said Mercado. "My wife wouldn't even get in the car with her friends from church."

According to the criminal complaint, Morales Rodriguez took Ramirez Cruz into her house. Once inside, she allegedly hit her over the head with a bat, knocking her unconscious. She then cut her abdomen to try and steal her unborn baby.

"Right now I'm still standing because of my three children, but she was my everything, and when she left, a part of me left as well," said Mercado.

The single father has seen psychologists over the past year, but he says nothing can ever prepare him to once again face the woman accused of killing his wife.

"If I'm on one side of the glass and she is on the other, then everything will be okay, but if they put me inside where [Morales Rodriguez] is, they need to put a security guard next to me because I don't know how I'll react," said Mercado.

CBS 58 contacted Morales Rodriguez's attorneys, but they did not return the phone calls.

The trial is set to begin on Monday.


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