Snow day for thousands of students


by Laura Rodriguez

If you turn on the TV on a February morning and see a list of school closings, it can only mean one thing. It's a snow day.

The day off was a surprise to most students who went to bed last night not expecting to spend the day on a snow hill instead of a playground.

"My mom just didn't wake me up, so ya I had a feeling I didn't have school," said Danny Grennier.

The snow plows hit the roads while children and the young at heart hit the slopes.

"Guaranteed [this is] the fastest sled on the hill," said Dan Grennier about his custom made sled.

According to the spokesperson for Milwaukee Public Schools, the last time MPS students had a snow day was during the 2010-2011 school year.

That means that some of the younger students, like kindergarteners, experienced their very first snow day today.

"My sister Katie showed me," said kindergartener Matthew Krause.

"It was actually like in the Krause blood, he knew how to do it right away," said Katie Krause about her brother.

But it's not all fun and games for everyone

"The kids like it, but arranging the daycare and stuff is tough," said Carl Krause.


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