Decision pending on alleged intruder shooting in Slinger


by Laura Rodriguez

On March 3rd a man in Slinger called police to report that he'd shot an intruder. Police later found the body of 20 year-old Bo Morrison on that man's porch.

Today, Bo Morrison's family and friends gathered at the Washington County courthouse hoping for an answer from District Attorney Mark Benson, however, they left without one.

The District Attorney's office says they are still reviewing the police reports.

“I'm here to show love, and to tell you guys that Bo was a good person and he was not trying to hurt anybody,” said Joshua Johnolte, Bo's friend.

Some were crying, while others offered condolence to family members who say the castle law is absurd.

“This law's ridiculous, it's sick . I could see if Bo was trying to harm him or did something, but he was just on the porch step hiding from an underage drinking party, and he gunned my boy down,” said Lauri Morrison, Bo's mother.

A few friends now stepping forward and saying it's a hate crime.

"This would've never happened if he wasn't black," said Johnolte.

But not all think race is the issue at hand.

"I don't like anyone talking about the color of his skin making any difference, this could've happened to anybody," said Alex Jahn, Bo's friend.

Criminal defense attorney Jonathan Smith says the homeowner will have to prove that he acted reasonably.

“He may have greater protection as a result of this law being passed, than prior to this point,” said Smith.

"Justice for Bo," said one sign, but that justice is still pending.

“If Mr. Benson makes the determination that charges are appropriate here, I don’t think that necessarily spells doom for the homeowner in his ability to defend himself,” said Smith.

CBS58 spoke to the wife of the man who shot Bo Morrison, but she declined to comment.


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