Brookfield police release documents used in Azana mass shooting investigation


by Chris Patterson

BROOKFIELD -- Brookfield released nearly 600 pages in documents and hours of surveillance video used in the investigation of the Azana Salon and Spa shooting that killed three women.

Radcliffe Haughton burst into Azana Salon and Spa on October 21st with the intent to kill his wife Zina Haughton. He injured and killed several of Zina's co-workers at the salon just two days after Zina filed a restraining order against him.

In the 911 audio police released, Zina's daughter confirms her father was terrorizing the Azana salon not sure if her mother was still inside and okay.

Just days before the shooting, surveillance footage shows Radcliffe at a sporting goods store looking at guns. It was later revealed that Radcliffe bought his weapon on the internet.

Recently released dashcam video shows police setting up a perimeter, taking cover behind the neighborhing McDonald's sign.


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