Local printer says 3D printing will revolutionize tech industry


by Laura Rodriguez

"We've been used to mass production ever since the assembly line with Henry Ford and now we are entering the age of mass customization," said Jesse DePinto, Founder of Voxel Metric, Inc.

Jesse DePinto says 3D printing is revolutionary and because of this technology you can make practically any object from the comfort of your home.

"Imagine if you are online shopping now and rather than hitting pay now and sending it to your address waiting for the UPS man, you can send it to your 3D printer that's right next to your computer and pick up your object within a couple of hours."

Examples of objects produced on a 3D printer are: coffee mugs, medical equipment, toys, and even guns.

According to Forbes Magazine, on May 2, the world's first fully functional 3D printed gun was tested on a remote private shooting range in Texas. The 3D gun was created by University of Texas law student Cody Wilson.

Milwaukee-based 3D printing company Voxel Metric does not make 3D guns, but founder Jesse DePinto says the 3D guns are legal because they comply with the Undetectable Firearms Act.

"Most of [the gun] is 3D printed. The only piece they need is a piece you can get at hardware store, and then the other thing that they include is a chunk of metal, but the only reason they have it is to comply with the law."

Below are simplified steps for 3D printing:
1) Go to a website like Thingiverse.com or Defcad.com and download a model
2) Upload that model to a program like "Slicer" that turns the model it into layers
3) Send the processed file into a Printer Interface

If you need a digital model for something you cannot find online, you can literally scan anything in sight with a software developed by Voxel Metric.

"You just take the scanner and move it around an object or a room , and create a 3D model in a matter of minutes," said Matt Halenka, Co-Founder of Voxel Metric.

Prices for 3D printers range from about $400 to $500,000 and they can be purchased online.

"This is one of those technologies that just has as great of a potential to revolutionize and change the world as the Internet and the computer did before it."


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