Sunday, April 20, 2014


CBS 58 Special Report: Sniper Training
The Bottom Line: Shapewear Misconceptions
It's a fashion trick many people use to get the look they want... but can shapewear be harmful to your health? -CBS 58's Sandra Torres brings you this Bottom Line report.

Fighting Fraud: A Bottom Line Special Report
Fake injury scammers are taking taxpayers for a ride

The Bottom Line: Co-Sleeping Crisis
Milwaukee sees an average of 15 co-sleeping deaths each year. How can we bring that number to zero?

CBS 58 Investigation: Cheer leading: High Risk and High Reward
local cheerleaders well aware of concussion risk

The Bottom Line: Enforcing No Call
Telemarketing calls can be annoying and intrusive and that's why in 2003 lawmakers passed a state No Call Law.

Credit report errors costing consumers big bucks
Studies show millions of consumers are plagued by errors on their credit report, and some blame the agencies that don't verify debt info before reporting it.

Gluten Free: Separating Fact from Fiction
Gluten free food has never been more popular. In fact, there are entire stores dedicated to products made without the substance. But, there's a lot of misinformation out there about what gluten-free really means.

The Bottom Line: Should you believe online customer reviews?
Consumers can be faced with confusion when turning to online review websites, especially if a business has a good rating on one site and a bad one on another.

"The Bottom Line" Goes to Washington, D.C. Part II
CBS 58 asks Wisconsin lawmakers what they are doing to prevent another government shutdown