The CBS 58 Pump Patrol is cruising the area searching for the cheapest gas prices around so you can save money.

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1 Gallon
Station Name Location Last Updated
3.22 Petro Mart S Loomis Rd & Muskego Dam Rd, Muskego 09/26/2014
3.26 Marathon W Fond du Lac Ave & N Sherman Blvd, Milwaukee (N) 09/26/2014
3.26 Amstar W Fond du Lac Ave & N Sherman Blvd, Milwaukee (N) 09/26/2014
3.27 Speedway 10th Ave & Michigan Ave, South Milwaukee 09/26/2014
3.27 Speedway S Pennsylvania Ave & E College Ave, Cudahy 09/26/2014
3.28 Speedway S Packard Ave & E Somers Ave, Cudahy 09/26/2014
3.28 Falcon Fuel E College Ave & S Pennsylvania Ave, Cudahy 09/26/2014
3.28 Himalayan HICO S Packard Ave & E Wanda Ave, Cudhy 09/26/2014
3.28 Shell S 13th St & W College Ave, Milwaukee (S) 09/26/2014
3.29 Liberty W Forest Home Ave & S 68th St, Greenfield 09/26/2014
3.29 Citgo Pewaukee Rd & Gascoigne Dr, Waukesha 09/26/2014
3.29 Amstar  W Fond du Lac Ave & N Sherman Blvd, Milwaukee (N) 09/26/2014

NOTE: These are the lowest prices we found. Please e-mailus if you find any lower prices. This site is only meant as a guide to finding lower gas prices. Prices at the pump, due to daily market fluctuation may change.