The Pink Rooms


by Jennifer Tomazic

MILWAUKEE -- A hotel in Milwaukee is bringing breast cancer awareness to the forefront 365 days a year and raising money for the cause.

InterContinental Milwaukee has two rooms called The Pink Rooms that are dressed up in pink and are meant to bring awareness to breast cancer.

Three employees of the hotel thought up the idea and made it a reality two years ago.

"We have 221 rooms here, that we could just simply add a few touches of pink to the rooms proceeds everyday that go to ABCD," said Sarah Geitner, Event Manager at InterContinental.

ABCD stands for After Breast Cancer Diagnosis and it's an organization based in Milwaukee that pairs up breast cancer survivors with those recently diagnosed.

"The Pink Room helps bring focus on who we are and what we do," said Judy Mindin, Mission Service Manager with ABCD.

Part of the proceeds from each the room each day go to ABCD.

"They let us focus on our mission, that way we can provide top quality services," said Ginny Finn, Executive Director ABCD.

Susan Cusatis received those services from ACBD when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer and now she's a mentor for other men and women who are going through what she went through.


So when her colleagues at InterContinental were trying to figure out which organization to donate to, Susan suggested ABCD.

"ABCD has it's roots in milwaukee. It made a lot of sense. It was a perfect match-a perfect marriage," said Cusatis.

There are two Pink Rooms and they are both decked out with tasteful hints of pink. They are booked just like any room at the InterContinental but often times, breast cancer survivors and their families make a celebratory night of it.

"They can come here and stay here and tell their story and enjoy it and more so celebrate being a survivor," said Geitner.

Guests are encouraged to share their experience by posting a story to the Pink Room Stories blog.

One guest writes: Staying in The Pink Room with my best friend on vacation, reminds me that each day has possibilities and there is always hope. It may sound weird, but I could feel the spirit and hope of each of the survivors who have stayed here, too."

"InterContinental is an international brand, by name, so The Pink Rooms don't just make Milwaukee great, they bring a lot of attention around the world to what Milwaukee does really well," said Finn.

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