Stan's Share-A-Pair


by Jennifer Tomazic

BROOKFIELD -- Old shoes are finding new life through the Stan's Share-A-Pair program.

From now until Thursday, February 28 all Stan's Fit For Your Feet locations are accepting shoe donations.  Since the program started seven years ago, 140,000 shoes have been donated.

Some of them of them stay in Milwaukee and go to local non profits like Father Gene's Help Center in West Allis.

"Everybody needs shoes. We service over 1,000 people a year. That's men, women in children. Every clothing order we get, without a doubt, there's always a request for shoes and sometimes working shoes," said Deacon Don Borkowski, Executive Director of Father Gene's Help Center.

Shair-A-Pair helps to replenish his supply, especially the popular shoe sizes that he has a hard time keeping in stock.

The rest of the shoes go to the Soles4Souls charity which distributes the shoes around the world.

"They've helped people who have been in tsunamis, Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy-- just all over the world. It helps Milwaukee reach out to people everywhere," said donor Shannon Greenberg.

She has been a longtime customer of Stan's and says she's happy there's an easy way to donate and help the community.

"We had a man come in who said I don't have a pair to give you, but I'm going to buy an extra pair and he put a brand new pair of shoes right into the bin there," said Jim Sajdak, owner of Stan's Fit For Your Feet.

He recommends lightly worn shoes and says men, women, and children's shoes are all needed.  As an incentive, he is offering a $10 gift card for anyone who donates. 

"Clean out your closet (it's a great time of year to do that)," said Sajdak.  "There's a lot of snow outside and maybe you need a project at home. This would be a great one to do so you can help others."

He says he loves doing business in Milwaukee because people are so generous.

If you'd like to donate, log onto


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