MILWAUKEE -- At any given time in the City of Milwaukee, statistics show there are 1,000 homeless men and 80% of them wrestle with an addiction. But there's a place providing a roof and treatment in Milwaukee called Serenity Inns. Men battling drug or alcohol addiction live at Serenity Inns and get treatment for seven months. "It's needed because homes are being broken and so are families. There is joblessness and we need more places like this," said Serenity Inns executive director Ellen Blathers. Each year, 75 men are referred there yearly but about 32 percent make it through the program. It's because Blathers says there is a zero tolerance policy and the men have regimented study time, therapy, and spiritual learning. "That spiritual component helps them reconnect with God and realize their importance and worth in the community and family as a whole," said Blathers. It worked for Robert Love. He came to Serenity Inns after being released from the penitentiary. He says he needed a place to stay and admits that he need treatment. "I knew once I got back into the city if I got on the street I was going to pick up right where I left off-selling drugs/using and I didn't want that," said Love. He was reluctant at first but says the hard edge nature of the program kept him in line and straightened him out. "Six or seven months is enough time for you to really take a good look at yourself and if you're really serious about changing your life you have all the tools you need to do it," said Love. Now, he's an innkeeper on the weekend at Serenity Inns, encouraging and connecting with men whose shoes he used to be in. "Sometimes a guy just wants someone to talk to, to get something off their chest and that makes you feel good by talking to them and sharing with them what you went through and encouraging them that they can make it," said Love. For more information on Serenity Inns, log onto