Salvation Army and Value City Furniture


by Jennifer Tomazic

MILWAUKEE -- Furnishing an entire house can be difficult but the Salvation Army is helping some families out.

The non-profit partnered with Value City Furniture to supply a $600 dollar voucher for families that had recently left the Salvation Army Emergency Shelter and sought housing of their own.

The Words family of Milwaukee was one of the recipients.

"I'm really happy, they chose us to to make a change in our lives," said Quiana Words.

She and her husband chose a TV stand, bean bag chair, ottoman, and a kitchen table for their family of five.

"We are actually able to sit down and eat at the same time," said Christopher Words. "That's important to us because we believe in family."

He says before the Salvation Army/Value City donation, the family would have to take turns eating on a TV tray because that's all they had.

The Words are a like a lot of families these days: they never thought they would have to call on the Salvation Army for help.

When Quiana lost her job at the end of 2011, she didn't know where to turn.

"It was a lot for us and for our family so then we decided to call the Salvation Army," said Quiana.

Suddenly Quiana and Christopher found themselves living in the Salvation Army's emergency shelter. The non-profit came into their life at the right time, giving the family the change to save some money from Quiana's new job.

"It gave us a sense of hope," said Christopher. "It gave us a sense of accomplishment that we could save our money over a couple months and then venture back on our own," which is exactly what they did a few months later.

But the Salvation Army didn't pull it's support once the Words left the shelter. That's when they chose the family to receive one of the Value City vouchers.

"To provide them with this furniture-it's a blessing. Value City is very generous to do that so the families can get on living with their lives," said Tom Flately with the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army hopes to partner with Value City Furniture again to offer the voucher program.


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