Milwaukee Jewish Day School


by Jennifer Tomazic

MILWAUKEE -- Seventh grade students at Milwaukee Jewish Day school aren't just learning how to serve the community, they're doing it themselves by managing their own non-profit called Voice of the Children.

For the last three years, the class raises money for their non-profit and choses a charity in a third world country to donate it to. This year, the students raised $20,000 for a charity that helps sick children in Latin America.

The students raised most of the money by being silent for a day. For each hour they were silent, the students got pledges that went to their charity.

"We are having a day of silence. It is representing how children in Latin America don't have a say in what they want," Noah Wolfe wrote on a white board because CBS 58 went to interview him on the day of silence.

Head of School Brian King came up with the idea for Voice of the Children three years ago when he was teaching world studies.

"These kids are involved in the process of learning more about child welfare issues, of raising awareness about them, and then raising money to be part of the solution," said King.

The creative spin on classroom learning really resonates with the kids. Noah feels the students are actually changing the world while in class instead of just sitting back and learning about it.

That's music to current world studies teacher Mike Henkins.

"It's great to see the kids take action and make something happen and then to watch them say, 'Oh wow, I can really do something. I can change the world," said Henkins.

In the past, Voice of the Children has donated to organizations that have built schools in Kenya and supported orphans in China.

An anonymous donor was so impressed with the students, he gave the Milwaukee Jewish Day School scholarship money for current and new students. For more information on Voice of the Children and Milwaukee Jewish Day School, log onto


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