Milwaukee Day


by Jessica Tighe

If Summerfest makes you smile, the Brewers make you brag or Brew City beer makes you boast, it's time to celebrate! Sunday is Milwaukee Day.

"Milwaukee Day is a very simple concept. It's enjoy where you live. Enjoy your city," Timm Gable, one of the founders of Milwaukee Day explains with a big smile.

The concept for the idea popped up a few years ago with just a couple of buddies chatting. The day was April 14th or 414.

"It turned out to be kind of a lark early on," Brent Gohde, one of the other founders, says.

"We can make a silly holiday based off a numerical pun and we can have a lot of people come out and just have a good time," Gable says.

If your area code is 262, don't worry. You can celebrate too! The guys put their idea online and with social media it took off.

"I got to write a mayoral proclamation last year and (Mayor) Tom Barrett signed it," Gohde says.

This year, they'll start the day at the city hall bell tower.

"We're literally going to ring in Milwaukee Day so I'm excited about that."

There's also a great chance to learn the history of the city. Historic Milwaukee is giving tours.

"This time they're doing it for free. Tours of Brady Street and the Third Ward and a tour of Downtown that starts at Plankinton Plaza and goes all the way to the Art Museum. It's called Milwaukee through the eras," Gohde explains.

There's even an opportunity for you to give back to Milwaukee with a spring cleanup at Washington Park. These are just some of the organized events, but the opportunities are endless.

"We put out certain events that we like, but one of our messages, or what we want people to do, is to come up with their own ways of celebrating what they love about this city," Gable says.

And when you're creating the moment, you can do it anywhere. Last year, the guys got pictures from people celebrating Milwaukee Day in New York City and even Germany.

"We're just celebrating what we, a few people, love about this city and hopefully that's an infectious attitude to enjoy where you live," Gable says.

Gohde adds to that saying with delight, "It's going to be the most fun Sunday Funday ever."

For more information and to see a list of all the events, go to You can also follow along with the fun via Twitter. The hashtag is MKEDAY.


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