by Jennifer Tomazic

MILWAUKEE -- Though production may be a little different than it was back in 1855, the MillerCoors brewery still runs on the same basic principals.

"We have fun at what we do and we do it extraordinarily well and we're very proud of it," said Vice President of the Milwaukee Brewery, Andy Moschea.

He grew up in Milwaukee and idolized those working at the brewery.

"It's a dream job of sorts," said Moschea.

He and 1,600 others make up the workforce of MillerCoors in Milwaukee.

Even in tough economic times, the company has still hired people recently to help produce nearly 120 million cases of beer a year.

"Our consumption volume is off for our industry-between two to three percent and that has a lot to do with economy around," said Vice President of MillerCoors, Mike Jones.

But Jones says some of the biggest consumers are here in town and that's why the company spends $7 million dollars a year locally between transpiration, labels, and other items.

"It's our way of supporting the community and it's like family to us," said Jones. "We've been here so long, we're not going anywhere."

That's also why the State Street brewery does things like the Miller Lite Ride for the Arts and the MillerCoors free rides on New Year's Eve.

Friday, December 3 kicks off the annual Holiday Lights display at the brewery that is set to new music this year.

Inside the brewery, MillerCoors is going green. They're rolling out a change in packaging that will save them 60 million gallons of water a year.

"By consuming less, we make positive impacts on the community," said Moschea.

Just like the community impact Frederick Miller made 155 years ago when he bought Plank Road Brewery Now, instead of Miller's one signature beer, MillerCoors brews close to 50 different brands in Milwaukee.

"We're in the business of making friends and making customers come back and buy our products again and again," said Jones.


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