Kohl's Education Center


by Jennifer Tomazic

MILWAUKEE -- Not everything in the Milwaukee Art Museum is off limits to touch.

A new area for kids encourages everyone to get a hands on experience with art. It's called the Kohl's Education Center and it's made up of the Kohl's Art Generation Lab, Gallery, and Studio.

It's designed to teach kids the ins and outs of art and the museum through cartoons, crafts, and technology.

"That's really what an art museum is prime for-making it possible for kids to be inspired and learn how to see like an artist does," said Senior Director of Education Brigid Globensky.

In the studio, children can create their own works of art either with inspiration from other works in the Milwaukee Art Museum or from their own imagination.

"I'm just making rainbows," said 3-year-old Abby Sepersky who was enjoying the studio with her family during their family day.

The Sepersky's have a membership to the art museum and say they take advantage of all the new space at the Education Center and in the museum itself.

"It really puts it all together and helps them understand the meaning of the artwork they see out there," said Ann Sepersky whose daughters are three, six, and eight.

"I really like coming down here and making different projects because every time it's a different project here," said 8-year-old Maggie.

The projects change in the studio each month.

The gallery is an area where kids can learn the inspiration behind their favorite cartoon characters. The organizers behind the Kohl's Education Center talked with Disney-Pixar executives to show a detailed look into the animation process.

The lab is a behind-the-scenes look at a museum. There's a machine that looks like a big iPad and is similar to a conservation table. It lets kids examine a painting from top to bottom.

"A well rounded education in art and music is really really important and the schools have had to cut back on so we feel, as part of this community, we had to increase the offerings we have for students," said Globensky.

Since the Kohl's Education Center opened in February, Globensky says there has been a steady stream of families enjoying the new space located in the center of the museum.

The gallery and lab are both open during museum hours and the studio is open on Sundays.


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