Heartfelt Heroes Day


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Milwaukee- Students at Capitol West Academy in Milwaukee learn great lessons every day, but now they're learning how to be heroes!


"Today is Hero Day and we're awarding our heroes for something special they do in our life," Jasmine Turman a second grader explains.


Forget the superstar sports players or the big time celebrities, the kids at Capitol West Academy are choosing their parents, grandparents and teachers as their heroes. They're bringing them to school for the day, introducing them to their peers and presenting them with a special certificate.


"This award is presented to my Grandpa. You are my hero because you saved me from drowning," one student says.


Turman picks her mother. "You are my hero because you always show me perseverance," she says.


Perseverance is a big word for a little girl. Turman is only eight years old, but she knows exactly what it means.


"It means even though things are hard, you still work at it. You can reach the top," she says with a big smile on her face.


Turman's mom is the one who taught her to never give up.


"We don't know what the meaning of the word can't is in our house. Sometimes she'll say Mom, I just can't do something and I'll say let's fix that and try it again. She'll come back and say I need help with this. Can you help me? Exactly. That's what you need to tell me because we can achieve anything and that's what I want her to always remember," Erica Evans explains.


On Heartfelt Heroes Day, not only do these students get to recognize the every day heroes in their lives, they also get a chance to become one themselves.


"We're making cards to give to people and making food for people who don't have any," says Kindergartner Micahia Ward.


Hundreds of students are helping out and each bag of food will go to a local family in need.


"It really teaches even the littlest kids, four and five-year-olds. It shows how important it is to do kind things to people- not only for family, but to reach out to community,"



Donna Niccolai-Weber, the Executive Director of Capitol West Academy says.


Capitol West Academy and its Heartfelt Heroes Day... making Milwaukee great!



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