Green Square Center for the Healing Arts


by Jennifer Tomazic

GLENDALE -- Being diagnosed with cancer can make a person not feel in control of their life. But the Green Square Center for Healing Arts in Glendale is helping put patients take back their whole self.

Director Hollie Nankin opened Green Square Center with the idea of putting more than 25 different integrated healthcare options under one roof.

She says doctors and specialists at Green Square Center work with the patients medical doctor to help balance the mind, body, and spirit.

"When we join together and we have all of this working together to help us heal, its very strong and empowering," said Nankin. "You don't feel depressed and you have a 'can do' attitude."

Green Square Center is just what David Lerman needed after being diagnosed with Mesothelioma, a cancer of the stomach lining. After having major surgery, Lerman elected not to undergo chemotherapy and turned to Green Square Center for help.

"I wanted to spend more time focusing on what my body needed and spend time building up my immune system," said Lerman.

He learned Qigong (a practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and meditation), has acupuncture done, and works with Dr. Norm Schwartz at Green Square Center.

"The space and center is really here to offer different modalities that can strike people and speak to them," said Lerman. "It's wonderful."

"I see tremendous results in patient when they become actively involved and investigate," said Schwartz and that's one of the key things Green Square Center aims to do.

Schwartz has done a metabolic test on Lerman to see what may be fueling his cancer inside his body and he teaches him guided imagery.

"Guided imagery is where the person will actually imagine their immune cells as being very strong and powerful and their cancer cells as being weak and disorganized," said Dr. Schwartz.

Lerman talks to his cells and has even incorporated that idea into a cancer dance, where his body kills off the cancer cells.

It has gotten the attention of Nankin, who says that fits right into the idea behind Green Square Center.

"We want to educate that person on how to help themselves take control of their illness to help themselves get well faster," said Nankin.

Green Square Center for the Healing arts is located at 6789 N. Green Bay Avenue in Glendale. For more information visit:


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