Singer Eric Look


by Jennifer Tomazic

WEST ALLIS -- When the West Allis/West Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce needed some entertainment for it's charity benefit, it took a chance on an up-and-coming local artist.

And Executive Director Diane Brandt wasn't disappointed.

"Tears came to my eyes. I was so moved by the songs," said Brandt.

The man behind the music was Eric Look, a 24-year-old whose lyrics flow like his fingers on the ivory.

"I wrote my first song called "It's the Kind of Love" when i was 14 or so," said Look.

Since then, he's written a number of songs and even gotten a publishing contract for one of them.

Eric and his mother collaborated for his newest song, "Believe." She wrote the lyrics and he created the music.

It's one of the Christmas songs that he plays with his Uncle Joe Banas. The duo play 18 concerts for non profits and charity benefits like the one for the West Allis/West Milwaukee Chamber of commerce.

"He has this gift of music and we're so happy we were able to find it," said Banas.

Because he and Eric's mother, Debbie, remember a time before the music when thoughts of autism filled their heads.

"When he was first diagnosed, the doctor said he could end up in an institution," said Debbie.

Between the obsessions and sensitivity to sound, there were trying times in the Look household.

But Debbie says one day when Eric was four, he came across a keyboard at a toy store and was instantly hooked.

"It was a God send for us because it was his way to connect and it was his way to make him feel good about himself," said Debbie.

"Music helps me focus my attention better and it does get me in the mood for singing, playing, performing and lots of other stuff," said Eric.

Eric and his Uncle Joe are done with their holiday concerts but he plans to keep practicing and create more music.

"It just comes easy to me," said Eric.

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