YMCA National Gymnastics Championships


by Jennifer Tomazic

MILWAUKEE -- A national competition is helping to create a gymnastics buzz in Milwaukee ahead of the London Olympics.

YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee played host to thousands of people for the 2012 YMCA National Gymnastics Championships.

The competition travels from city to city each year and the folks with the Y in Milwaukee were happy to score it.

"It went well. People want to come back in the future so we're excited about that," said Erin Ruenger, Marketing Manager for the Y.

Ruenger says 1,700 gymnasts from 21 states, plus all the families and fans, amount to $4 million dollars for the city of Milwaukee.

Having the competition at home gave local gymnast Amy Schiman extra support during her events and a renewed sense of Milwaukee pride.

"It's been kinda crazy but it's been a lot of fun. It's given me a good appreciation for Milwaukee," said Schiman.

She, and the rest of the gymnasts, competed on floor, vault, balance beam, and uneven bars during the four day competition.

"It shows that the Y is here for families and kids and really able to do positive things in the community," said Ruenger.

Because the competition was in Milwaukee, Ruenger says YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee was able to open a new gym for its team. There are 34 kids on the team and many of them volunteered at the meet after they were done competing.


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