Local swim club gaining attention

after historic swim from Cuba to Florida


by Michele McCormack

WHITEFISH BAY-Diana Nyad's 110 mile long swim at the age of 64 has brought a lot of recent attention to open waters swimming.

Locally, the Klode Kru, a swim club that meets at Klode Park, is more than willing to extol the virtues of swimming in Lake Michigan.

On Tuesday night, CBS 58 caught up with them on their evening swim.

The water temperature was around 70 degrees.

They swim a distance of about a mile and half.

They swim about out from shore where they're sure about the water quality.

"The lake gets a bad rap," Captain Ted Shue tells CBS 58 News, "People talk about it being polluted or smelling bad. It's clear here in Whitefish Bay. Many times we can see the sandy bottom. About 20 feet below you."

The Klode Kru swims twice daily during the summer as long as weather permits usually to October.

They meet at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. at Klode Park.


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