Local boy who captured hearts donating to police, shows up at fire department

Random or not, act of kindness inspiring


by Michele McCormack

GREENFIELD -- Max Siepert, the little boy who made a donation to the Greenfield Police department with  a bag of change, dropped off another donation Monday to the Greenfield Fire Department.

Max first gained attention when surveillance cameras showed him stroll into the Police Department in the days after the 9-11 anniversary.

He dropped off just over $10 dollars in change, simply telling the clerk he wanted it to go to police.

The department was so moved by the gesture, officersworked to find out who the mystery boy was.

Turns out Max's grandfather was a Milwaukee Police Officer killed in the line of duty back in 1974 and he wanted to give back.

His parents had no idea what he was up to when he took off on his bicycle to make the police donation.

Now photos of surfaced of Max making a donation to firefighters. Again it was a bag of change.

Maybe kindness is contagious after all.


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