GIrl who escaped fire honored as hero

10 year od Amaya Genett says she learned from the "Survive Alive" house


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE-A little Milwaukee girl was just doing what she learned to stay alive, so 10 year old Amaya Genett was a little surprised when the Mayor Tom Barrett declared Friday a day in her honor.

"What? "Amaya asked her mother, "The whole day is my name?"

It was back in April that Amaya after checking the door realized she couldn't get down the stairs to escape fire in her home.

So she climbed out onto the second story ledge and waited for fire crews to arrive.

She said she learned not to open the door and look for smoke and feel for heat, while going through an educational program through the Milwaukee Fire Department called the "Survive Alive" house.

"I knew if  I didn't get out of there, I was gonna be toast, " Amaya told CBS 58 News.

Her family says Amaya's Uncle is also hero. He burned himself trying to get to her that night, but made the smart decision to wait outside with the other children who had escaped until fire crews arrived.


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