Couple honored for never giving up on Milwaukee

The Harpoles given Zeidler Award


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE-They've never given up on Milwaukee and its young people and on Wednesday the community said thank you.

Reuben and Mildred Harpole received the 2013 Zeidler Public Service Award.

The couple knew the award's namesake, Mayor Zeidler, personally.

Most of their work focuses on African American young people and issues of social justice from fair housing to education.

They say giving to others, total strangers, is as natural as breathing.

"My love for the community, for the place where I was born in 1934," Reuben Harpole told CBS 58 News after the award ceremony at City Hall.

"I am humbled and very grateful," Mildred Harpole added, "But I'm also hopeful that's the important thing. I feel that if everyone in this room would reach out and help some of the unfortunate people in our community that we would truly be a great city."


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