Corned Beef Eating Contest before St. Patrick's Parade

Jake's Deli begins new Milwaukee tradition

Jake's Deli


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE-We don't want you to change your order, but it's always been ham and cabbage for the Irish.

Many didn't even know of corned beef until they came to America. Just ask the president of Jake's Deli.

"That's alright," Gary Plassmeyer tells CBS 58, "we're having fun with it and we're just gonna keep on rolling."

Legend has it that Irish construction workers were offered free corned beef by bars in New York with the purchase of a beer or a whiskey and so the link began.

This Friday Milwaukee begins a new tradition with a corned beef eating contest at lunchtime at the Shops of Grand Avenue with a corned beef eating contest.

Jake's Deli Marketing Director Rob Frost says the object is to eat as many corned beef sandwiches as possible in ten minutes.

The deadline to enter the contest has already passed. And many are abstaining from meat on Fridays during lent, so the rest of us can just sit back and watch and then indulge at a more leisurely pace as we watch the parade on Saturday.

It starts at noon at 3rd and Wisconsin.

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