23 year old photographer now in the Milwaukee Art Museum

Christopher McIntyre was mentored through Fellowship Open


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE-It's this time each year that CBS 58 News brings you the story of the Fellowship Open.

It's a golf outing that raises money for inner city Milwaukee kids to further their education.

On Monday, just days before hundreds of golfers converge from around the country, one of the young people mentored by the program appeared in a special exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

"I always envisioned no limits," Christopher McIntyre told CBS 58's Michele McCormack, " but to be this young and to have this opportunity and being a child of the city it means a lot more to me than just exposure.  This is my heart's passion. To see this manifested is truly a blessing from God."

McIntyre is part of the Wisconsin 30 exhibit.

His work entitled "Higher Thoughts" tells his own story of rising above dark times and the challenges of having a father who is incarcerated. He says he had to make his own opportunities.

McIntyre says the mentoring of John Daniels, the founder of the Fellowship Open, had a lasting and profound impact.

The golf outing will mark 13 years of supporting organizations with proven results of impacting inner city young people.

McIntyre created CM Perceptions, Inc.

From documentaries, to graphics arts, to photography, the 23 year old is now going between Los Angeles and Milwaukee.

The west coast is where he's based his company. But his heart remains in his hometown of Milwaukee where he hopes to inspire other budding artists.

"We all have free will and choice, but all of us have destiny and purpose."



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